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  • Location Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Size 6,000 SQ FT
  • Markets Workplace | Office Concept
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Project Description

FACTS / What do we know? What is given?

Site is located at the edge of the business district adjacent to single family homes and other businesses. The neighborhood is walkable and main street is a couple blocks away. Existing building has been modified with EIFS and metal roofing that does not tell the story of the innovative, energetic team within.


Separate one story office building can be VB allowing for cost effective wood stud construction. C-1 zoning requires uses to be parked 100% per current code if the useable area is modified.


A separate building is allowable on the adjacent parcel providing the required onsite parking.


GOALS / What do we want to achieve + why?

Create a new modern office for the face of Panther Builders. Update the existing building in keeping with these modern concepts.


CONCEPTS / How can we achieve the goals?

Reuse existing materials where possible. Keep the existing entry mainly unbranded while updating the appearance and adding excitement to the entry sequence. Residential showroom housed in a modern shell. Daylight the show room and internal office spaces well and possibly from above. North light will be the most even.


Branded entry for the Panther Builders Office where most clients will be headed. Coffee shop feel in the spaces for client interaction. Comfortable and unassuming space to make the clients feel welcomed and unintimidated.


NEEDS / What quantity + quality is required?

Minimum 6 offices. Intern space for expansion. Meeting rooms ranging large contractor meetings to private purchase agreement meetings with homeowners. Collaboration space for the team. Casual customer experience space where relationships can be built and selections can be made. Large day lit show room effectively showing off the key aspects and materials of Panther Builders homes.

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