/ Mixed-Use & Retail | Multi-Family

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Project Details
  • Location Waterloo, Iowa
  • Size 76 Total Units
  • Markets Mixed-Use & Retail | Multi-Family
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Project Description

FACTS / What do we know? What is given?

6th St. and Commercial St. Waterloo, Iowa


Open lot with access to the waterfront Proximity to the bike trail Proximity to the railroad Potential for future purchase the land north of our site 6th St. is a one way street at our site The site is sloping slightly up toward the waterfront.


There are many auto-related businesses east and south, while on the west side more banks, restaurants and shops.


Zoning: C-3 commercial district

  • Max height: 60 ft. per zoning requirements
  • Match adjacent building
  • No setback restrictions
  • No parking restrictions IBC 2015


GOALS / What do we want to achieve + why?

Create a vibrant, active lifestyle community for young people. Revitalize the east end of the Downtown area. Open to the downtown and river side. Encourage walkability in the area.


CONCEPTS / How can we achieve the goals?

Engaging the pedestrians along Commercial St. with retail oriented programs. Bringing people together at the courtyard level on 2nd floor will open up to amazing views from the site and potential new amenities on the north side. Provide great living opportunity and trending toward a smaller scale unit through impeccable design.

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